Eternal Secret 

- 8 -

he sounding of my destiny beckoned me with exhilarating ecstasy
I listen to what vibrant sound resounding throughout my own existance.

My own existance appears not mine but the vibrant being of my Friend.
From the moment of my destruction I have no being save living in my Friend.

You caused my existance to exist, you are my reknown
Certainly I am not only you exist, you are.

In idols I see the elegant Witness of the Realms
I found God, I witness to God, God I found in idol worship.

Eyes of my lovely Friend, plunderer of my faith are you
In your infidel's splendor I see the worshipper of Truth.

Why not dance your exuberance, Oh Khadim, with every particle of your existance.
The face of your exquisite Friend reflects in the exhilaration of your ecstasy.

Saz-e-Isgq 14

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