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Sufi  Saint  School,  Ajmer
Established - 1993


"I am planting 
a tree which 
I hope will
 have flowers 
of different colours 
in future"

Hazrat Inam Hassan, 
Gudri Shah V, M.A.
(Founder Chairman of 
our school, 2.7.1993)

* * *

"I pray for the well-being 
of its students and 
for a bright future 
for the school."

Hazrat Dr. Zahurul Hassan Sharib
Gudri Shah Baba IV, M.A., L.L.B., Ph.D.
(Patron of our School, 2.7.1993)



It all started many years ago with a dream in which Hazrat Inam Hasan, Gudri Shah, then only a young man, saw a gathering of saints discussing future plans for the Hill at Ana Sagar Ghati, Ajmer where is also located the Chillah Sharief of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti. The saints included Hazrat Inam Hasan in their conversation and explained to him, in detail, their vision and the plan. In it was also a place for a school for the poor and needy.

The School made a humble beginning as an Open air Non Formal School under the patronage of Gudri Shah Baba-IV ( Seen here in foreground)


School prayer

Honor, respect and dignity may remain forever.

From these thorns, this poor one may be saved forever.

Every moment may be passed in Your remembrance.

In your remembrance, this heart may be engaged forever.

This is a desire, a request, a longing and a wish:

In the hearts, the lamp of knowledge may be illumined forever.

Poverty will go away from this world, everywhere there will be peace all around.

Conductor ! Every house from the happiness may be filled forever.

Every race and sect will live together in this world.

Of fruits and flowers gardens will be loaded forever.

The Jew, Sikh, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Zoroaster,

Together under the blue canopy will live forever.

Let this universe may not be scattered.

Lord ! This house of glass may be saved forever.

All will live 'Inam ' together with love and affection.

In the heart no one will be blamed nor will complain forever.


Written by :
Hazrat Inam Hasan, Gudri Shah V, 
Founder- Chairman. S.S.School, Ajmer
(Translated from Urdu into English)

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