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Sufi  Saint  School,  Ajmer
Established - 1993



".... children belonging to a different religion stay together peacefully. This is an example for the entire world." - Kamal Bruno Cortese, Italy

* * *
"This institution is working on a new pattern of communal harmony. Teachers and management belong to both major religion Hindu and Muslim. The Spirit is pure." - Kishan Motwani, M.L.A., Ajmer

* * *
The school is doing a great service towards the spread of education among families of modest means, the standard of teaching is impressive" - Farhat Hasan, Cambridge, England

* * *
"The school looks very efficient, properly organized, nicely arranged. Family atmosphere, peaceful and beautiful surroundings; what a perfect place for children to learn not only subjects but a way of living." – Haseena Corrado, Italy

* * *
"The school is true to its name - Sufis, and embodies the spirit of tolerance, goodwill, benevolence and discipline that is the mark of a true sufi. If only there were more schools like this in India and abroad, which would bring together people of all faiths, circumstances and creeds, with a common goal: the well-being and betterment of all." - Kelly Pemberton Maher, USA

* * *

"The children are smart and happy & obviously love their lessons. The whole layout is very impressive." - Lousie Anthony, Wales, ENGLAND

* * *
"To see the eyes of Allah in all the children and teachers here is a tremendous blessings." - Halima Whitney, USA

* * *

"I am happy to support a project which does the utmost for the understanding among different groups of society in giving a grant from the German Embassy." - Hans Mehlig, New Delhi

* * *
"May the divine work which is done in Sufi Saint School spread a message of love & peace throughout the world – “the tree which was planted by Inam Hasan”, full of Joy & humanity. - Maria Bardowska, Canada


Inam Hasan Gudri Shah at School OfficeIn 1990, Hazrat Inam Hasan Gudri Shah, the current Head of the Gudri Shahi Order of Sufis, started the school as a non-formal education centre. Later in 1993, the then Head of the Order, Dr. Zahuru Hassan Sharib Gudri Shah IV provided land and building for the school, and the foundation of the Sufi Saint School was laid as a formal educational institiue. The School is registered and recognised since 1993.

   The school aims

To bring together children from different communities, irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, religion and gender and to provide them free/subsidised education in order to make them self sustained.

To promote the feeling of harmony, peace and universal brotherhood so that the students may become better citizens of this world.


The school is situated on a small hill facing the Ana Sagar Lake and offers an open, clean and noise-free environment. Centrally located, the school is easily accessible by road.


The school has grown very quickly. In a short span of about 8 years since it was initiated, the number of it’s students has risen from about 40 in 1993 to about 300 in 2001. The popularity of the school is still growing fast. It is estimated that soon we shall have about 500 children.


The school has 11 classrooms and teaches children right from nursery and Primary Classes up to the Secondary Classes (grade 10). At the moment, there are 14 regular teachers to teach various subjects apart from part-time faculty and visiting guests.

   Study & Syllabus

The School teaches all the prescribed subjects according to the official government recommendations. The syllabus also includes free computer education for its students from the 5th to Secondary Classes.

   Extra Curricular activities

The school provides a small playground for children and encourages overall development. An annual function is held, which is a platform for children to participate in dance, music, drama, painting and other activities.Additionally, students are regularly encouraged and guided in alternate forms of education.


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