Eternal Secret 

- 1 -

as my Friend intoxicating eyes
Or has he eyes like ruby red poppy?

Since the image of my Friend in my heartresides
Now one heart has a thousand eyes.

Now no need of wine have I
Now my Friend and I share four eyes.

Why search for vessels and decanters
When my Friend has such rapturous eyes.

My head is alms upon your feet
Upon your face I sacrifice my eyes.

World of light from which all brightness shines
You have that world's illuminating eyes.

These sad eyes in which you always dance
These eyes are agitated eyes.

Come, my Friend, come and come again into my eyes
I long, my Friend, I long with sorrow filled eyes.

Khadim, with hope for the sight of my Friend
All my being longs with exasperated eyes.

Since love, Oh Khadim, for someone awoke
These is no moment without weeping eyes.

Naghma-e-Dard 97

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