Eternal Secret 

- 11 -

omeone's beauty has preoccupied my heart
Life's burdens before his inspiration possessed my eve-heavy life.

I see my Friend, I see nothing but my Friend
Love's wine transports me with his ever-present sight.

Eternal life which so interanimates one's limbs
Someone's love bestoved on me with ever-quickening grace.

Banished is desire for wine, goblet and decanter
The Friend's grace imbues me with ever-entracing delight.

Thank God for freedom from dying
My annihilation revived me with ever-refreshing life.

A single glance initiates such ever-abundant grace
Neither world knows deficiency since he filled me from his ever-plenty eyes.

Communion with the Profet is the blessing of this threshold
Of course the dust from Ali's doorsteps is my ever-dearest prize.

Death forever exiled, shall never have access here again, Oh Khadim,
Once perfect love bestows its ever-living miracle.

Naghma-e-Dard 107

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