Eternal Secret 

- 9 -

n clandestine nothingness arises the Self-Manifesting Self
At splendid Sinai the veil was removed before everyone by the Sel-Manifesting Self.

Be Hama, the One manifesting, is the elegance of annihilation
    Ba Hama, the One Manifest, is the beauty of existance.
Separate from all and in everyone, the Self-Manifesting Self manifests.

In boundless realms and from sacred appointments
The hearts eyes has seen the Self-Manifesting Self manifest.

Existance and non-existance are both veils, alluring the intellect
Far from to be and not to be is the existence of the Self-Manifesting Self.

Destitute Khadim has seen in variegated colors
The illustrious Realm of Witnessing testify to the Self-Manifesting Self.

Saz-e-Isgq 1

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